In a technical sense, a glitch is the unexpected result of a malfunction, especially occurring in software, video games, images, videos, audio, and other digital artefacts.

Glitch / Deformation is the medium for me to depict & recreate the world.
a digital error is a 'mishappening' - a phenomenon that disconnects the viewer from the context the of the feed. I wanted to use this medium to depict and make conversation about the contemporary society. The contemporary society is so unique in its quality. We are living in age of uber development in technology and the speed of this development is so fast that it is speeding up the conception of time. New technology is made obsolete as soon as it's out on the market with the following product. Everything is connected via world wide web, and the internet culture has created new modes of expression and experience - joy, anger or anxiety from internet experience or even a relationship. These experiences are new to everyone because this culture or technology has never existed before. These concepts are unique to the contemporary age as is the glitch - it exists uniquely as a product of present time.