I.T presents Rick Owens x Birkenstock

I.T. Apparels - ITeShop / 2019
Online Editorial for ITeShop.com
Art Direction / Edit / Layout / Webpage Design / Editorial
photography - Laurent Segretier, Michelle 

To celebrate 2nd collaboration between fashion behemoth Rick Owens and Birkenstock, I.T. Apparels invited Korean musician Oh Hyuk and reknowned actor Yoo Ah-in for the collection launch.
Hong Kong has deep history of cinematography with legends like Wong Kar Wai. But there was never a proper appreciation of the cultural impact. I wanted the Christopher Doyle style of hazy film effect and It needed to capture the mood of Hong Kong street. We shot Oh Hyuk in a construction site across the street from the event venue, and had 3 cameras rolling at the same time. 2 DSLRs and 2000’s digital Pentax camera for Lo-fi vibe. The shoot only took 1 Hour.
Yoo Ah-In’s appearance was scheduled for the collection’s Shang Hai launch. I was not present at the shoot but the same photographers shot him in the same fashion and edited same way. 

The questionaires for the interviews, I wanted to touch with the models’ artistry with the collection. How they approach their own profession, and life. The retro CC style of subtitles were added for Chinese and English speaking viewers.
click to view the “A conversation with Oh Hyuk” editorial

click to view the “A conversation with Yoo Ah-In” editorial




Junu ahn (february 26, 1983) is a korean digital artist residing in seoul, korea.